Overcome Weightloss Struggles


When it comes to diets, many people have tried it all. From low carb banting, to low fat to cabbage soup to lemon detox. We’ve realised that no one diet works- all do. If you stick to the low carb diet, you will loose weight. If you stick to the low fat diet, you will loose weight. The problem with dieting is not the diets themselves, it is the people who do it.  We tend to chop and change when things get tough and then blame the diet.

When you are on a mission to loose weight, no matter what you are doing, if it is even slightly less than your normal eating habits that lead to weight gain, you will loose weight. Here are some tips to help you stick you good eating habits:

Realise your mind is a liar

When you look back on diets, you often realise you were doing so well and then you fell of the wagon. But while you were in the diet, you felt horrible, you did not think you were doing well. That is because your mind is a LIAR!

While you are in the diet you will be losing weight, no matter how you look or feel. Your mind will play tricks on you to get you to fall off the wagon. There is comfort in overeating and your body needs the comfort chemicals to de-stress. Especially in the first few months of an overweight persons journey, your mind will blatantly mislead you. You will catch a glimpse of yourself looking bloated and perhaps your worse, even after a week of good eating and exercise. Instantly, you may feel like the diet is not working and you may want to reach for something to comfort yourself- don’t do it! Your mind is lying to you.

Don’t trust the scale

For the first 5 months don’t trust the scale. Your bodies weight goes up and down. You may have had a great week but the scale will say you did not.  You do not need the scale to tell you you are losing weight, you just need to eat what you know you should eat- you already know you will lose weight after certain days of good eating. Trust that knowledge. The scale and your mind are in cohoots, plotting against you. Forget them

Prepare meals in advance

Interestingly enough, most people will prepare the protein portion of their meals in meal preps. We recommend doing the hardest bits first. It is more difficult to prepare your veggies and salads as compared to the protein such as grilling a chicken breast or a piece of fish. It is also more fun to grill a piece of salmon than it is to make a salad. Get your side dishes out of the way early. At the earliest possible chance you get in the mornings, make a big bowl of salad and stick it in the fridge. Peel and chop veggies, so that it will be easier to cook up in the evening. Or better still whip up a generic stir fry, one that will go with anything and leave it in your fridge.