Home made vs Store Bought Baby Food


For decades, the public has trusted the popular bottled baby food brands as their babies first introduction to food. But have you every considered if bottled baby food is as good nutritionally as fresh food. As a society, we associate freshly cooked food, particularly vegetables as food containing a high nutritional content. We like our vegetables with a bit of crunch eating a freshly made stir fry with bright greens and other colors feels like you are doing something good for your body.

Bottled baby food that is designed to be stored on shelves in supermarkets is that this food has a long shelf life of about 2 years. To make food stay ‘fresh’ that long on the shelves, the food has to be preserved and sterilized; organic as well as non-organic brands. This means that even when no additional preservatives are added, the food needs to be heated to maximum temperatures to ensure that it is not contaminated after months on the shelf. In this heating process all the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients are destroyed.

In non- organic food additives are added to enhance the flavour because over heating makes food less palatable. As adults we don’t like overcooked food, however we find it acceptable to give your babies this. To save money, thickening agents are used, and colour added to enhance the look. Other than convenience, their is little benefit to long life, bottled baby food.

If you have time to make your own baby food, which could be as simple as baking a sweet potato or steaming butternut, do so. More and more mums are opting for home made baby food to expose their babies to more nutrition, more flavours, more textures and less additives.